Author of Which None Can Shut

post-Region Wide Call

Our deepest gratitude to all of you who prayed with us this weekend! May this unity of heart and purpose continue to grow and spread throughout the entire Church on earth. May believers everywhere be “of the same mind”– to seek only the glory of God our Father, through the power of His Spirit, in the Name of His Son.

Below is a copy-paste-post from Region Wide Call’s website, with follow-up information. Having delivered this to you, I will once again go offline and back into obscurity.  : )      Psalm 150, Reema

Quote from

Thanks for praying with us during the Region Wide Call!

People were agreeing  in prayer on every continent of the globe!  Some churches had total 24-hour coverage of the event by members who took turns,  and some individuals stayed up all night to pray.  Families, friends, small groups, men’s groups, ladies groups,  prayer chains, and co-workers met to pray.  International skype calls enabled people to pray together while sitting in different countries!

THANK YOU to each and every one of you for this enormous demonstration of our unified desire for the Glory of God, and God alone!

We have no way of knowing everyone who participated and how far the invitation traveled, since each person reached out to their own sphere of relationships, and then those people reached out to theirs, etc.  That means there is no human way to follow up.  In other words, we won’t know  how God is answering our unified prayer efforts until we start to hear testimonies.  To that end,  this website has been set up so people can post testimonies without revealing their identities or locations. That way it is possible to hear from everyone,  everywhere, without causing security concerns.

In the days, weeks, and months to come, let us keep praying in this spirit of  unity. And, let us be faithful to make known,  give thanks, praise, honor & glory  to our God for His wonderful works throughout the Arabian Peninsula!

May the Name of our God become a Holy buzzword throughout the AP, and may the news of Him spread like wildfire, causing many to seek His face!  Amen.

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